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Any regular reader of this Blog will recall that I have each year, provided you with a selection of flimsy excuses made by taxpayers as to why they hadn’t submitted their Self-Assessment Tax Return on time or why their dubious claims for expenses will not earn them a tax reduction this year.

These excuses range from the clearly ridiculous, passing through dubious at best, to ending up at some that are downright funny. All of these excuses are contained in lists published by HMRC on their website every February and this week I’ve brought you a selection of the latest weird and wacky expense claims.

HMRC’s compilation list of strange claims, all of which were rejected, are from last year’s Tax Returns and range from First-class travel to the Caribbean to Anne Summers undies. I’ve extracted the best ones and added what excuse the inventive taxpayer came up with to try and justify their claims.

2017’s best HMRC Tax Expense claims:

  1. First class flight tickets to Antigua and a fortnight’s stay at a 5 star hotel at a total cost of nearly £20k.
  2. My business stresses me out and I needed a decent break to recharge my batteries, plus I took my wife as she does a bid of admin for me at home

  3. Several pairs of Armani designer jeans.
  4. I’m a painter and decorator and I thought protective clothing was allowed

  5. Cost of ‘bonding sessions’ every Friday night – running into thousands of pounds.
  6. I employ ten people and it’s important that we work as a team

  7. Two Rolex Submariner watches as Christmas gifts for staff (from a company with no employees).
  8. Well there’s me and my husband, don’t we count as staff

  9. Pet food for a Shih Tzu ‘guard dog’.
  10. I keep records at home and its important they’re guarded properly and Rocky has a really loud bark

  11. International flights to Croatia for dental treatment ahead of business meeting.
  12. My appearance is critical in my line of work and my Croatian dentist is much better and cheaper than my old NHS dentist

  13. A large garden shed, plus the costs of the space it takes up in the garden.
  14. HMRC make me keep my business records for 6 years so I thought a heated shed would work out cheaper in the long run than hiring a lock-up

  15. Seventy three betting slips.
    I was trying to raise capital for my business

  16. A selection of underwear from Ann Summers.
    I do sales promotions and it’s important to me to not only look good but feel good for my clients, who are almost exclusively men
Ruth Owen HMRCs head of RTI Shrewsbury Accountants

Ruth Owen: “spread unevenly”

According to HMRC director general of customer services Ruth Owen:

“Year after year we receive a number of ludicrous expense claims, ranging from international holiday flights to expensive designer clothing, which we would never uphold. Why should the honest taxpayer pick up the bill for others? “

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